Non-war gun deaths higher in U.S. than in many democracies

A common argument for stricter gun control in the United States is that the rates of gun violence are much higher than in other countries because other countries have stricter gun control laws. Is this true? The Observatory compares the United States’ gun laws with those of other democracies including Japan, United Kingdom, Canada. Brazil and India.

Mostly True

Mayor’s claim about gun violence may be off, but stats still alarming

Democratic gubernatorial candidate and Madison Mayor Paul Soglin claimed, “The latest statistics demonstrated that if there is a firearm available, it is 17 times more likely to be used either for suicide or for assaulting a friend, relative an acquaintance than it is to be used in fending off an intruder.” The Observatory rates his claim as Mostly True.


Does Madison have an alcohol problem, as Mayor Paul Soglin says?

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin has called for a moratorium on new liquor licenses downtown to reduce alcohol-related problems. He says Madison has a drinking problem. A national survey and local statistics show Soglin is right.


Sen. Scott Fitzgerald touts ‘historic’ investment in K-12 aid; is he right?

In September 2017, Gov. Scott Walker signed the Wisconsin state budget for 2017-19. State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, tweeted “we made historic investments in k12 education, with increases of over $200 per pupil each year totaling over $630 million.” The Observatory decided to fact-check Fitzgerald’s claims.