Gov.-elect Tony Evers wants to cut Wisconsin’s prison population in half. Is that even possible?

Investing in people, not prisons, is what Gov.-elect Tony Evers believes the state of Wisconsin should be doing. During his 2018 gubernatorial campaign, Evers was vocal about criminal justice reform, outlining a number of policies he would like to see changed and saying that reducing the prison population by 50 percent is a “goal that’s worth accomplishing.”

Non-war gun deaths higher in U.S. than in many democracies

A common argument for stricter gun control in the United States is that the rates of gun violence are much higher than in other countries because other countries have stricter gun control laws. Is this true? The Observatory compares the United States’ gun laws with those of other democracies including Japan, United Kingdom, Canada. Brazil and India.


Wisconsin’s rate of lead poisoning worse than Flint, Michigan’s

Flint, Michigan, the city known for its contaminated water crisis, has something in common with Wisconsin — childhood lead poisoning. According to Wisconsin U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore of Milwaukee, the proportion of children with elevated blood lead levels among Wisconsin’s children has risen close to those of Flint. The Observatory verified this claim.