Education cuts in Senate District 10

The Observatory fact-checked a tweet from Senate District 10 candidate Diane Odeen about education cuts. Her claims were only partly true, so we turned to a school in her district to gauge their significance.

A closer look: State Medicaid spending in Wisconsin

After the enactment of the Affordable Care Act the Supreme Court ruled that individual states could choose whether or not to accept federal funds to increase Medicaid eligibility in their state. Including Wisconsin, 19 states have declined to explan Medicaid eligibility in their states in return for these federal Medicare dollars.

Three claims, three ratings for Odeen’s campaign tweet

Senate district 10 challenger Diane Odeen claimed in a tweet in August that her opponent Sheila Harsdorf has turned her back on public education in her district. Odeen cited education cuts and tax breaks to millionaires, but can her claims be verified?