Did Milwaukee’s old residency rule lead to lower quality city workers?

Republican state senator and U.S. Senate candidate Leah Vukmir posted on Facebook on March 6 that the residency rule in Milwaukee “prevented highly qualified teachers, police officers and firefighters from opting to work in the city” and that “removing these barriers helps Milwaukee retain and attract many valuable workers who were once discouraged by the residency rule.” The Observatory found this claim Unobservable.

Which taxpayers saved the most from tax cuts under Gov. Scott Walker?

Based on the Wisconsin Budget Project’s analysis, Walker’s tax cuts benefited the highest income taxpayers more than lower income taxpayers. The tax cuts further benefited the wealthiest taxpayers, who already pay a smaller portion of their income in state and local taxes than poorer taxpayers, according to the Wisconsin Budget Project.

Mostly True

Have Republicans saved Wisconsin taxpayers over $8 billion? We check.

Republican Leah Vukmir tweeted on Jan. 24 that since Republicans took control of the legislative and executive branches of government in 2011, they have saved Wisconsin taxpayers more than $8 billion. The Observatory addressed the claim to see if the Republican-controlled government has already saved taxpayers more than $8 billion since the party took control in 2011.